You can access the Unearth API through the GraphiQL Web UI using your Unearth username and password. This provides an in-browser tool for writing, validating, and testing Unearth API Queries and Mutations.

GraphiQL queries typically start with a "{" character. Lines that start with a # are ignored.

An example GraphQL Query might look like:

query MyQuery {
  accounts(count: 10) {

You can use the GraphiQL Explorer to search all the available Queries and Mutations and build your API calls

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Prettify Query: Shift-Ctrl-P (or press the prettify button above)
  • Merge Query: Shift-Ctrl-M (or press the merge button above)
  • Run Query: Ctrl-Enter (or press the play button above)
  • Auto Complete: Ctrl-Space (or just start typing)