Accounts are the top level objects that contain an organization’s Projects, Users, and Assets. A User’s Roles and Permissions dictates what they can do within an Account’s Projects.


Accounts have the following attributes:

  • accountId - Unique identifier representing a feature
  • name - The Account name
  • users - A list of Users in the account. Each item in the list provides the User’s userId, name, and the role the User has in the Account.
  • createdDateTime - The date and time of when the feature was originally created.
  • updatedDateTime - The date and time of the most recent update to the Account.

How To Use Accounts

Through the UI

  • A User can create Projects in an Account through the UI as long as they have the proper permissions.
  • Owners, Admins, and Managers can add users to an Account or change a User’s role in an Account.

Through the API

  • At this time, you can access Account details through our API, but you cannot create, edit, or delete an Account