Your Account will contain a list of Projects. A Project is identified by geographic bounds on the map and is a container for Assets. A Project is listed in a table in your Account and represented on your Account map as a polygon.

Each Project will have a list of Project Users. Project Users on an Account will only be able to access Projects they have been added to and will be able to interact with the Project data based on their Roles and Permissions.


Projects have the following attributes:

  • id - The Project ID
  • name - The Project Name
  • boundary - The geographic boundary of the Project recorded in GEOJSON.
  • createdAt - The date and time a User created the Project.
  • updatedAt - The date and time a User last updated the Project.
  • users - A list of Project Users. This list includes:
    • id - The User ID.
    • familyName - The User’s last name.
    • givenName - The User’s first name.
    • role - The User’s Role within the Project.

How To Use Projects

Through the UI

  • A User can create a Project as long as they have the right Role & Permissions.
  • A User can select a Project from the list in their Account, open the Project, add or remove other Users, and interact with the Assets. Here, too, what they can do depends on their Role & Permissions.

Through the API

  • At this time, you cannot create Projects through the API.
  • However, you do have the ability to search, filter, and order Projects based on the properties listed above. You can also add Users (addProjectUser) and remove Users (removeProjectUser) through the API.